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Welcome to pageplaylist

pageplaylist is a Firefox extension that shows a small Flash audio player on the page you are viewing,
if it contains links to .mp3 files.

If you come on a page linking one or more .mp3 files, pageplaylist shows a small music note in a grey box by the upper left corner of the page.
Double-clicking on the music note will show a small mp3 player with some basic commands (play, stop, pause, previous track, next track, repeat playlist)
and a display area for song's info (author and title if ID3 is present).
Clicking on the player will start streaming the first track of the playlist generated by collecting mp3 links on the page.
You can also expand the player to a wider box showing the full playlist.

pageplaylist is also listed on Mozilla Add-ons

Thanks to Luca "Vanz" Vanzella for the idea and many suggestions.
The Flash player in the pageplaylist extension is a fork of the XSPF Web Music Player by Fabricio Zuardi.
The development of pageplaylist extension began with the help of Adrian Holovaty's Greasemonkey compiler.

The pageplaylist project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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